Guess What I Got In The Mail!!

Okay so I am easily excited – but one thing that really makes me happy all the way down to my toes is when I order something and it arrives several days earlier than what was expected!!  😀  yay!  What am I talking about?  Well…My flowers!  I ordered a bunch (no pun intended) of flowers from Wild Orchid Craft Supplies on Friday the 13th and it arrived today.  I usually order from I Am Roses and it takes twice as long to get here.  The prices are pretty close to the same!  This time I ordered some things I’ve never had before – now, now I gotta get busy playing with them!

Yay!  Woot Woot!  This is what $85 of joy looks like!  teehee…uhh, don’t tell my husband how much I spent!  😉


2 comments on “Guess What I Got In The Mail!!

  1. Ha, I almost spit my tea out….But it sure looks yummy…I can’t wait to see how you use them. I always am excited when I get things in I ordered but good info on the shipping. I like when they have fast shipping. Have fun….joann sassy raggedy

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