Uh Ohhh! Karen Went Shopping AGAIN!

So have you noticed there haven’t been as many cards being made lately?    I seem to have hit a dry spell…just not feeling it.  I tend to do that, I will go like wild fire for a while then have a hard time creating anything…so, I go shopping!  My OTHER therapy!  LOL  So, lets see if we catch a trend to my “therepy”…

I went to the mall after work today so that I could get some Bath & Body Works hand soap at 7 for $20 plus 20% off my entire purchase (note, these make nice gifts to have on hand – no pun intended – for those last minute gifts for those not super close friends and co-workers).  I can’t just go into one store when I’m at the Boise Town Square – this is a mall, not a shopping center after all…LOL  I went to see my daughter at her place of work (Baker’s Shoes), and purchased a pair of shoes from her…  Then went next door to Clair’s (the kid/teen jewelry store).  I noticed they were doing their 10 items for $10 sale, so I went to take a look – what did I find but lots of fun bracelets and necklaces with all sorts of fun charms and beads on them…yep, that is how I roll, if I’m not crafting, I’m thinking about how something would look on a craft project.  The very first thing I saw was this adorable hamburger necklace – Ohh, so totally HAD to have it for this future One Stitch At A Time challenge I have coming up!  So figured I should look closer to the rest of the stuff.  I got all of this, that is fourteen things at $1 each!

Crazy huh?  LOL  Now you know what to keep your eyes out for on future posts!  LOL  Just as soon as I start crafting again.  I have a Wild West Show I’m performing in tomorrow and Sunday, so not too sure how much I will get done this weekend (with the exception of what is already pre-scheduled for my Design Team posts…).  Guess we will have to wait and see huh?  😉



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