It is official – my middle child has her diploma!

Last night was my oldest daughter’s High School Graduation.  I almost never say middle child (it just fit better for the post)…  She walked with almost 400 other students last night over at the Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho which is right next to the Bronco Stadium (the stadium with the blue field…).  The arena is where they do basketball games and stuff.  My husband tried to take some pictures of the graduation, but it is so hard in that lighting…

When we first got to the Stadium I was so excited and relieved it was finally the day!  Then we walked in and sat down.  We had super good seats considering we showed up about a half hour later than we had planned.  The music started and people started shouting; you know, the usual graduation stuff…then a huge frog suddenly jumped into my throat out of nowhere!  I was ready to shout with the best of them, then knew if I did, I’d burst out into tears.  I had that proud mom moment…it was even worse when the kids walked out.  It was all I could do to not cry.  Almost ready to cry now thinking about it…and I’m not the emotional type.  LOL

pics before she left the house:

The Graduation

After Graduation outside the arena

me with my baby girl Ashley

She looks like her dad, don’t ya think?

Her BFF’s (who graduated last year) all came to see her walk

We are so proud of her!

Silly time!

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