My Just Because Blog Candy Winners

Since there were only five of you who actually followed the instructions I will send each of you one of these.  I’d really love to see what you make with these along with permission to post your picture and/or blog link of what you make with it on my blog!

I still have the coupon available for my shop.  The coupon code to my shop enter CANDYAND15 at check out.
Here is the Angel Of Hope Stick Pin

Congrats to

Jen Leeflang – (I would knit a matching pink scarf and pink it onto that! Then I would donate it to the local breast cancer awareness campaign shop in Durban, South Africa, to sell to raise funds)

Tami G – I’d add this to a card and send to MD Anderson Cancer center for a patient..We live in Houston TX so we are always volunteering out services to their outreach program.

CLAIMED RhondaSue – My SIL is suffering from cancer! She started with multiple myoloma (sp?) and because of the treatments, she actually got breast cancer and had to have a radical mastectomy. She has severe neuropathy of ALL FOUR appendages now too. The horrible treatments to fix one things caused so many others. She is currently on the LAST known treatment options available to her. I have kept in touch with her as often as possible via snail mail cards to cheer her up. This would be added to the next card I send her!

CLAIMED Yvonne S. Morentin (@Morentin1326) – Add it to a gift tag for a thinking of you gift…


CLAIMED Crafting Vicky – I would make a card for one of my employees… her daughter is going through breast cancer treatments right now and it’s really hard. Especially since that daughter’s husband is also going through diagnostic for cancer… so my employee really is having a rough time.

Please email your mailing address so that I can get these out to you ASAP!  busybusyhoneybee at yahoo dot com.


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