Twilight You Suck

Kenny K is giving away a freebie on their Facebook Account…It’s Edward!  So, I though the Twilight craze was finally done?  LOL  I say finally because it simply lasted WAY TOO LONG…too long between movies…too long because rather than making a long movie they wanted to spread it out even longer so they could continue making all that dough off the merchandising…Ugh!  It isn’t going to be like Star Wars where everyone will love it forever…almost everyone…LOL  Okay, enough ranting…maybe…  I love that Kenny K does their freebies.  So I did want to make something to show my gratitude.  I decided to be a bit facetious though…Perhaps I will make something else and not make him be “Edward” from Twilight…  I added the deer then asked some of my friends to help me come up with a “punny” sentiment…funny how the most basic does it!  You Suck came from a friend of mine who is a High School teacher and has hated the books and movies.  LOL  Go figure!  I figured I’d make him clueless too!  So here is my creation…


Yea…okay, not one of my best…but you gotta admit, it is sort of funny!  LOL

Thanks for looking!

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